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Crossing Borders/Breaking Boundaries VII:
A Multidisciplinary Summer Institute for Arts Educators

The Portuguese Empire in the Sixteenth and
Seventeeth Centuries: Artistic and Cultural Exchange

July 16-24, 2007
University of Maryland, College Park


The 2007 Program

Portugal dominated world trade for the majority of the sixteenth and seventeenth centuries, establishing a network that included West Africa, India, China, Southeast Asia, Japan, and Brazil.  The 2007 Crossing Borders/Breaking Boundaries Summer Institute will focus on Portugal’s commercial empire and how Portugal shaped artistic cross-cultural interaction in West Africa, Brazil, and Macau, China. Portuguese contact with these regions, which were hitherto unknown to Europeans, led to the creation of original works of art.


What sorts of artistic production resulted from exchanges between Portugal and its points of contact? How do indigenous cultures absorb the influence of expansionist cultures? What is meant by cross-cultural encounters and why do they provide such energy to cultural and artistic production?

Teachers will increase their knowledge of arts integration as they create lesson plans that use the arts to teach other core subjects such as reading, science, literature, and social studies.

Learn new arts integration techniques!
Develop lesson plans that use the arts to teach other core subjects!
Collaborate with energetic and inspiring colleagues from all over Maryland!
Receive 5 MSDE Continuing Professional Development Credits or 3 University of Maryland graduate credits!

FREE for Maryland public school teachers!


Institute Activities

Lecture/Discussion Sessions
The Portuguese Empire—Expansion and Power
The Crossroads of Atlantic Culture—Fine Arts in Brazil and Portugal
Manuscript and Print Culture in Early Modern Brazil
Portugal in China—Arts and Culture of Colonial Macau

Workshops and Performance Classes
Capoeira (Martial Arts)

Field Trip to Washington, DC
National Museum of African Art and the Arthur M. Sackler Gallery

Follow-up Sessions
November 3, 2007 and April 26, 2008 (attendance required)


Residency Requirements

July 16-20
On-campus residency is required. Move-out is possible on Friday.

July 20-23
Weekend on-campus residency is optional. Participants must attend all scheduled activities, including weekend events, in order to earn MSDE and graduate credit. Applicants who wish to stay on campus for these three nights should check the appropriate box on the application form.

Accommodations and food will be provided on the University of Maryland campus.


To Apply

Teachers from different disciplines within one school are encouraged to apply in teams of two to
four. Individual applicants will be placed in teams at our discretion.

You may download the application form by clicking here.
You may also contact the Center for Renaissance & Baroque Studies
email: crbs[at]
phone: 301-405-6830
fax: 301-405-0956

For best consideration, apply by :
April 20, 2007


Sponsored by the Center for Renaissance & Baroque Studies and
the Maryland State Department of Education