Lesson Plan Guidelines

Lesson Plan Template

MSDE Alignment

Name Lesson Title
Blech Noh Mask Project, Ceramics
Bhorjee An After-Theater Dinner Party in 17th century Elizabethan England and in 17th century Tokugawa Japan
F. Caterini Reading and Writing Poetry in the Style of Kokin Wakashu – “Kokinshu”
Sharon Cohen Designing Gardens in Tokugawa Japan and Elizabethan England
Pat Eckel "Fashion Statements: Clothing as a Reflection of Class Status": A Comparison of Tokugawa Japan and Elizabethan England
Pat Eckel Tudor Society
Celia Harper East Meets West/ William Shakespeare Meets Matsuo Basho
Galvin Keep On …….Going On: The Pleasures of Maturity
Lambert The Importance of Nature in Japanese Culture
Leddy The Japanese Tea Ceremony
McGrath “Act of Worship” by Yukio Mishima, Parts 1 and 2
Terry Murray Japanese Tea bowls
Harumi Ozaki-Robertson Tokugawa Class System, Clothing, Language, and Society under the Shogun, and Modern Japanese Culture
Petrella Help Wanted: Careers in Elizabethan England and Tokugawa Japan
Taubman Japanese Forms of Poetry
(worksheet 1) (worksheet 2)
Nancy Traubitz Icebreaker Postcard Matching Game
Barbara R. Vasco Japanese Feudal Society
Tracy Walls Japan Webquest