Programs for Area Teachers and Students

Extending its reach beyond the university campus into the community, the Center offers a variety of programs specifically designed to make aspects of research in the Renaissance more readily accessible to teachers and students.

The Center's outreach programs take place in collaboration with school systems and particular schools throughout the state. Partnerships with area institutions allow the Center to support an arts-integration institute for secondary school teachers and two programs for middle school students: the Shakespeare Monologue Contest and a Shakespeare Camp.

All Center programs are open to the public, and teachers and students are invited to explore the more specialized offerings of campus programs as well.

Adele Seeff, the Center's director, also serves the College of Arts & Humanities as the director of outreach. Projects she oversees for the College include:

For additional programs for area teachers and students, visit the College's Outreach page and a list of school-university activities maintained by the College of Education.

For selected previous outreach programs, including the "Schools for a New Millennium" collaboration with Northwestern High school, 1999-2003, and a wide variety of programs developed under the auspices of the Center Alliance for School Teachers, 1986 through 2004, click here.