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Thursday, November 9: Plenary I: Workshops: Theorizing Masculinity
Friday, November 10: Plenary II: Workshops: Childhood
Saturday, November 11: Plenary III: Workshops: Violence
Saturday, November II: Plenary IV: Workshops: Pedagogies

Thursday, November 9
Plenary I: Workshops: Theorizing Masculinity
1. Anxious Change: Domestic Rhetoric and Cultural Transition
Mary Trull (E), Rebecca Laroche (E), Christina Luckyj (E), Rebecca Tannenbaum (H)

2. Doing Other Things with Texts: Pope Joan, Literary Criticism, and History
Erica Longfellow (E), Thomas Freeman (H)

3. An Early Gender Debate in England and France: Cross-Cultural Masculinity, Femininity, and Rhetorical Violence
Anne Coldiron (E, CL); Anne Lake Prescott (E)

4. The Economics of Gender
Elizabeth Mazzola (E), Laurie Ellinghausen (E), Thomas Kuehn (H)

5. Elite and Vernacular Medicine: The Practices and Epistemologies of Midwives and Medical Men, 1550-1700
Bridgette Sheridan (H, WS), Cynthia Klestinec (CL)

6. Gendering Government and Governing Gender
Erin Sadlack (E), Timothy Elston (H), Helen Hull (E, Hu), Wendy Weise (E)

7. Male Midwives, He-whores, and Beauty Queens: When Men Perform “Women’s Roles”
Lianne McTavish (AH, CS), Jennifer Panek (E), Edie Snook (E)

8. Moderation, Self-Control, and Masculinity in Early Modern Europe: Theory and Practice
Todd Reeser (F), Natalie Giannini (E), Pamela McVay (H), Andrew Strycharski (E)

9. Subverters and Self-Fashioners: Making Worlds of Their Own
Andrea Sununu (E), Anne Harris (AH), Sharon Seelig (E)


Friday, November 10
Plenary II: Workshops: Childhood
10. Childhood, Gender, and Play
Gina Bloom (E), Kate Chedgzoy (E, GS)

11. Educating Boys, Educating Girls in Italy and France, 1395-1659: Comparisons Across Social Groups, Religious Groups, and Time Periods
Ann Crabb (H), Jane Couchman (F, WS), Danielle Culpepper (H)

12. Fathers and Sons
Andrea Pearson (AH), Allison Levy (AH)

13. Gendering Childhood Education in Early Modern Europe
Ronna Feit (FL), Colleen Baade (S, MH), Victoria Mondelli (H)

14. Home Schooling: The English Gentlewoman
Elizabeth Hodgson (E), Sharon Arnoult (H), Kathryn McPherson (E), Kathryn Moncrief (E)

15. The Place of Female Chastity in Early Modern Gender Formation: A Re-Examination of Critical Assumptions
Margaret Mikesell (E), Pamela Benson (E, I), Judith Rose (E, WS), Nora Zepeda (S)

16. Placing Children in the Early Modern World
Naomi Yavneh (Hu), Julia Marciari Alexander (AH), Naomi Miller (E, WS), Patricia Phillippy (CL)

17. Sleuthing in the Archives: Discovering Noble Childhood in England and France
Barbara Ann McCahill (H), Margaret Hannay (E), Lyndan Warner (H)

18. Men and Money: Negotiating Masculinity in Early Modern Europe
Juliann Vitullo (I), Diane Wolfthal (AH)


Saturday, November 11
Plenary III: Workshops: Violence
19. Anger and Gender
Jane Kromm (AH), Emily Smith (E), Paula Loscocco (L, CL), Susan O’Hara (L)

20. Conduct and Crossdressing: Performing Gender and the Threat of Violence
Simone Chess (E, WS), Jessica C. Murphy (E, MS)

21. Critiquing Masculine Violence and Misogyny
Jane Donawerth (E, CL, F), Erin Kelly (E), Anamaria Kothe (CL, E, S), Gary Waller (E)

22. Persecution and Shifting Constructions of Quaker Masculinity in the Seventeenth-Century English Atlantic
Anne Myles (E), Nicole Gothelf (H)

23. Possession, Honor, and Violence in Two Seventeenth-Century Wife Murder Plays
Katherine Cooper (E), Helen Reed (S)

24. Singing Wounds: Reading Violence in Mystical Poetry, Music, and Graphics
Mary Moore (E), Colleen Baade (S, MH), Rabia Gregory (RS)

25. Subverting Masculine Codes of Violence: The Cases of Isabella Andreini, Elizabeth Cary, and Maria de Zayas
Lucia Bortoli (CS), Maria Luisa Guardiola (S), Maria Reina Ruiz (FL)

26. Violence and Masculinities in Early Modern England and British North America
Terri Snyder (AS), Anne Lombard (H), Lynn Robson (E)

27. From the Female Petitioners to Three Guineas: Women, War, and Writing
Erin Murphy (E), Rachel Hollander (E), Amy Froide (H)

28. Di Marte io canto: Voices of Warriors
Wendy Heller (M), Marisa Biaggi (M), Richard Wistreich (MH)


Saturday, November 11
Plenary IV: Workshops: Pedagogies
29. Beyond the Comfort Zone: Attending to Student Resistance and Gender Dynamics in the Classroom
Cristine M. Varholy (E), Mara Amster (E), Evan Davis (E), Heidi Kunz (E), Zackaraiah Long (E)

30. Early Modern Education: (Men) Teaching Women in Europe and the New World
Rosanne Fleszar Denhard (E), Deborah Uman (E), Belén Bistué (CL)

31. Even Better than Video Vixens: Embracing Popular Media Representations of Early Modern Women to (Re)Construct Them for the 21st Century Classroom and Student
Samantha Morgan-Curtis (E, WS), Emilie Bergmann (S), Katherine McIver (AH), Stacey Schlau (S, WS)

32. Gender, the Early Modern World, and the Undergraduate
Kristen Post Walton (H), Melanie Perreault (H), T. Ross Leasure (E)

33. Honor and Identity Through the Lens of Crossdressing: A Pedagogy Workshop
Maritere López (I, H), Elizabeth Lehfeldt (S, H), Virginia da Costa (AH)

34. Life Writing in the Classroom: Dealing with the Biographical Reading
Julie Eckerle (E), Caroline Bicks (E), Michelle Dowd (E)

35. Teaching the Writing Woman (and Her Representations of Gendered Violence): Mary Wroth’s Urania (1621) and Françoise De Graffigny’s Letters from a Peruvian Woman (1747)
Barbara Zimbalist (E), Stephanie O’Hara (F)

36. Vamps and Villains in the Classroom
Sarah Nelson (F), Sally Ann Drucker (E), Carrie Klaus (F)

37. Virtuosi, Virgins, and Villains: Making Examples of Women in Early Modern Europe
Marina Leslie (E), Lisa Rosenthal (AH), Daniella Kostroun (H)

38. New Avenues to Teaching and Research Early Modern Women--and Men
Georgianna Ziegler (E)
American Studies (AS), Art History (AH), Comparative Literature (CL), Comparative Studies (CS), English (E), French (F), Foreign Languages (FL), Gender Studies (GS), Literature (L), Medieval Studies (MS), Music History (MH), Musicology (M), History (H), Humanities (Hu), Italian (I), Religious Studies (RS), Spanish (S), Women’s Studies (WS)